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Samples for sale (Please send us an email for inquiry and order.) general@nact.biz

Moulded products: patern area 30mmx30mm, delivery time 2 weeks (Japan) or more (other countries)

Mold samples: patern area 30mmx30mm, delivery time 2 months (Japan) or more (other countries)

(1) Ni molds

Ni mold1
Sample1 (WD11.9mm 5.00kVx5.0k 10µm)
Ni mold2
Sample2 (WD11.8mm 5.00kVx5.0k 10µm)
Ni mold3
Sample3 (WD11.4mm 5.00kVx5.0k 10µm)

(2) Si masters

Si master1
Sample4 (WD11.0mm 5.00kVx3.0k 10µm)
Si master2
Sample5 (WD10.9mm 5.00kVx3.0k 10µm)
Si master3
Sample6 (WD10.3mm 5.00kVx3.0k 10µm)

(3) Resist masters

Resist master1
Sample7 (WD10.3mm 5.00kVx5.0k 10µm)
Resist master2
Sample8 (WD10.2mm 5.00kVx5.0k 10µm)
Resist master3
Sample9 (WD9.9mm 5.00kVx5.0k 10µm)
Resist master4
Sample10 (WD8.0mm 5.00kVx5.0k 10µm)

* Test after Si etch

Si etch
Sample11 (WD8.1mm 5.00kVx10k 5µm)

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